Faux Chicken Seitan Using Vital Wheat Gluten


I have been cooking food for dozens of years and watched thousands of hours of television cooking shows. Yet, somehow, I never knew about the magic of seitan (pronounced say-tahn, with the emphasis on the second syllable).

Seitan is sometimes called wheat meat or gluten meat since it is made from wheat gluten. This has been a popular food in Asia since the the sixth century, so it must be good if it’s lasted this long!

My first several attempts had mixed results. The following recipe is now producing a flavorful meat substitute that can probably fool your friends. We have used it in many recipes (chicken fajitas, buffalo wings, orange chicken, stir fry, etc.) Although, be warned if people have gluten allergies since this would be a problem as it is mostly made of gluten.

Faux Chicken Seitan

An amazing chicken meat substitute made from vital wheat gluten.
Prep Time Cook Time Serves
10 min1 hr4