About the Blind Vegan Chef

Hello!  Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by to learn more about the person behind these web pages.

I have always been interested in cooking and creating new recipes for family and friends.  I have read countless books, watched every food documentary, and obsessed over famous TV chefs.  I particularly love Alton Brown, who inspired me to learn the science of cooking.  

Much like music, there are certain notes that can create that perfect dish.  Like art, the plate of food becomes a visual representation of the chef’s creativity.

Speaking of visual….  I am legally blind, due to an inherited disease called retinitis pigmentosa.  It is slowly robbing me of my vision, but I refuse to let that stop me from sharing my skills as a chef.  My field of vision is now less than one percent.  The best way to describe what I see is to look through a straw, that’s about what I see.  Sure, I have a few extra burns, or have kicked too many cupboard drawers.  I am now retired from my job at a Fortune 500 company where I was a software developer and efficiency expert.  

I have been a life-long meat eater that grew up in the mid-west and east coast of the United States.  I would have never guessed that I would journey into the world of veganism.  Now that I am here, I realize there is so much to learn.  I intend to become a Master Vegan Chef and will use this space to share what I have learned along the way.